Sculpture is a ground where I explore my interest in creating spaces. Spaces I create are based on my interest of capturing spaces in a certain place or around an object, including spaces around my body which frames the viewing world. I feel that spaces that have meaning are an important part of who I am, thus, I intend to make sculpture of spaces to reflect personal or cultural identity.

The material I use to make my work is steel. Steel gives me the freedom to expand in scale and determine dimensions with precision. The forms I make are not based on any mathematical principle, rather they are built by intuition as if drawing a line in a sketchbook. I make a lot of ‘sketches’ by making paperboard models. Once the dimensions are decided, I then make my work in steel.

My interest in capturing spaces dates back to the time I was more of a painter making landscape paintings directly from real life. I also have been interested in the structure of rhythms in music as I grew up playing the violin, piano, and percussion such as timpani, as my parents both have been professionals in music. Structure of language is also something that has intrigued me since I spent my childhood living both in the United States and Japan. Whether it is the structure of music or language that I am influenced by, I create spaces in the language of sculpture, which is a non-verbal language that directly speaks to the body.

Rina Murao 2017.10.27



そして彫刻とは、人間やあらゆる物が第一に体として存在しているということを手がかりに、それがどのように存在しているかということを探り表現するものだと考えています。そして私は、人間が身体を通してどのように空間を捉えているか、そして空間にどのような意味を見出しているかということに関心があります。人は日々食べ物を摂ることで体の土台を作っていますが、同様に空間を経験することで、身体感覚や空間の感覚を体に蓄積しているように感じます。身体に刻まれた空間の感覚は、その人のアイデンティティにも関わるほど重要なものだと思います。私のしていることは、身体の尺度によって測られた空間、経験を通して自身の中に取り入れられた空間の感覚を外に向かって投影し、それをそこで“彫刻にする” ということのように思います。

村尾里奈 2017.10.05